The Eggplant

The Unsolicited Eggplant



D*ck pics are gross! Send them an eggplant instead and show them you have a personality as well as a johnson.

When you send one of our eggplants their way, they will receive an eggplant, an information card, and an Unsolicited Eggplant sticker all in a box marked with our awesome logo.

Additional Info

The Eggplant

One eggplant will be provided in every package (duh). They’re usually about 7″, deep purple, and kinda fat.

Again, the eggplants are NOT safe for consumption.

The Info Card

Every package will come with an info card with our company’s name and website, so the recipient knows what the hell is going on.

On the other side of the card, there will be a little message from you to them. You’ll select one of our pre-generated messages below.

Yes, we will constantly be adding more messages and yes, there will be plenty of seasonal-themed messages. Yes, we know there are only two right now. Yes, we know you want more options. Bear with us, we’re just getting started.

How Do I Give You Their Address?

It’s really quite simple:

at checkout, the billing address will be yours and the shipping address will be theirs.

Can I Send Multiple Eggplants At Once?

To the same person: yes.
To multiple people: no.

You will have to start a separate transaction to input a second shipping address.

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